VFW National Firefighter Award | VFW National Law Enforcement Award
VFW National Medical Technician Award
Congratulations to our 2022-2023 winners for a fantastic year! 
Check back here soon for announcements for 2023-2024.
The VFW understands the importance of recognizing those in the community who have gone above and beyond and want to acknowledge and reward those individuals with our annual VFW National Firefight Award, VFW National Law Enforcement Award, and VFW National Medical Technician Award!
The Categories for these awards
VFW National Emergency Medical Technician Public Servant Citation: 
Any individual, who actively gives emergency medical treatment, provides rescue service or civil disaster assistance as a member of any public or volunteer company organized to give emergency medical care, provide rescue and civil disaster assistance to our nation's citizens.
VFW National Law Enforcement Public Servant Citation:
Any individual who services in a municipal, county, state, or federal unit tasked with enforcement of the laws pertaining to their area of responsibility. This award does not apply to individuals employed by private companies or security services.
VFW National Firefighters Public Servant Citation: 
Any individual who actively fights fires as a member of any public or volunteer company organized to fight fires and give assistance to our nation's citizens. 
Criteria Candidates must have demonstrated to qualify for the awards
  1. Recognition by their colleagues or those they serve. 
  2. Consistent excellence in the performance of their duties. 
  3. Consistent dedication to their official responsibilities over a period of years and continuous growth in responsibilities and skills within their profession. 
Required Documentation
  1.  A nomination letter containing the Candidate's name, title, address, telephone, and clarification of which citation category the candidate should be considered. 
  2. Include justification outlining background in field, accomplishments, and awards. 

 Submissions can be mailed with the requested documentation to:
VFW Auxiliary 4938, Attn: Public Servant Citation, PO Box 421, Edmond, OK 73034
Those who are mailing submissions will need to be sure to allot enough time for the submissions to be received by the deadline.
or submitted via email by clicking below:

Feel free to contact us for any additional questions!



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